Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Oh how I love summer. Here I am, laying in bed, with my coffee, computer and kids still asleep (well, almost...Annie just woke up and has now taken control of the tv which means the birds are now drowned out by something on Disney Channel and it won't be long before she asks me to help her get breakfast which I will reply with an "in a minute" kind of answer).

So far we, or should I say "I", have had a wonderful month off from school. Caroline and I took a fabulous trip to Boston and New York...we packed so much into 2 weeks that I am beginning to wonder if it was all a dream! Highlights include meeting our new baby niece/cousin, Langley; staying with my aunt and uncle and seeing Aunt Frances; staying with my friend, Sandra, who was doing great and looking even better a week after major brain surgery; the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island; Coney Island and the famous Nathan's hot dogs; Top of the Rock (30 Rock building); carriage ride through Central Park; seeing Wicked at the beautiful Gershwin Theatre; lots of walking to view all of the history in downtown Boston; beaches and Pie In The Sky (blueberry...ohhhhh!) in Maine and rain, rain, rain. The rain wasn't necessarily a highlight but the cloudy skies and threat of rain kept all of our lines and sightseeing at a reasonable pace.

This past week I have spent getting my house together. It's always falling apart at the seams...I can never get ahead but that's okay...I think I am at peace with that! I've also been on the computer more and trying my hand at winning some contests (check out http://www.momcentral.com/gift-guides/summer-giveaway-bonanza-2009.html ) . It's amazing how much time the computer can sap from my day...I feel like I need to schedule accordingly so that maybe I can get dressed before 10 am!

Next week we are heading to Wichita to hang out with my sister-in-law and the kids cousins...it may be hot but at least we will have a pool to help us cool off. We'll end our summer vacay by going to Estes Park for a few days and hanging with the Pearsons. Before I know it, July 31st (my first day back to work) will be here and the first days of school (August 7th and 12th) will be here. Which reminds me that I need to clean the basement before then....