Friday, May 30, 2008

Keep your eyes on the road...

Well, yesterday it happened. Our 15 year, 9 month and 6 day old son received his drivers permit. I swear it was just yesterday that I had him!! So now starts the fun task of showing him the ropes, logging EVERY 5 minute trip we take and letting him spread his wings a little. We are hoping that this driving thing helps him with his sense of direction. Those who know Dear Son are probably laughing at the thought...but there are just some things that have to happen in life. And one of them is driving.

Yesterday was one of those days that you always dread - the trip to the DMV. We started off by dropping my car off at the dealers for service. And with the price of gas so high, I thought we would kill two birds with one stone and also go to the DMV since it was close. We called Dear Husband to come pick us up from the dealer and take us. Since he didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with Dear Son + Driving, he decided to have us drop him off to get his haircut while we went to the DMV. After sitting in traffic and going to the wrong DMV (that Dear Husband insisted because it was closer) we finally picked DH from the hair salon and made him go with us to get DS's permit. Time Lapse: one hour and fifteen minutes.

We walk through the doors of the DMV and our ticket says B513. They call B494. I think we are in for a wait since there are a million people sitting and waiting. Time Lapse: one hour and forty five minutes.

Our number is FINALLY called. I present the documents and DS stands there in a stupor from sleeping through the wait time. The clerk asks DS his address. DS looks at me. I ask him if he knows where he lives. "Uhhhhh....." I give the clerk our address knowing that she is thinking to herself that we really need to raise the age for drivers in this country. She then mentions a test...wait, a test???? I told DS there probably wouldn't be a test. He just slept for almost two hours waiting. Do you mean he could have been studying????? Oh no...I hear her say you can only take the test twice in one day if you score 51% or higher. I'm thinking, turn around and let's get out of this place. I'm done. He can't pass this test! He's only taken a three hour driving course through the fire department. He barely knows his right from his left! Does he even know what a stop sign is for? He doesn't even know his address! We are doomed.

But DS steps up and says he will take the test. He doesn't want his sleep induced wait to go in vain. He goes over to the testing area and takes about 8 minutes to complete the 25 questions. I'm thing to myself, "Great. We'll be here again tomorrow. Waiting. And waiting." DH and I are making jokes about the whole thing. DS takes the test up to the clerk and we watch as she scribbles away. She calls DS up and lo and behold, he passes. He missed THREE! I am laughing so hard because I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. That kid...if he would just do his homework....

We wait some more. DS pays for the permit ($14!) and then we sit and wait again. Then it's on to the picture. What? A picture? I wasn't thinking of that either so DS is wearing a nice (I say that loosely) Tony the Tiger t-shirt for his legal document. We are told we will get the permanent permit in the mail within thirty days. We leave the DMV with our heads held high. It was a proud defining moment that I am glad we shared as a mom, dad and a son (with little sister in the wings). Ahhh, a day in the life...

Friday, May 9, 2008


Our Hannah Montana wanna-be!

My tulips after our 6" of snow on May 1st

Mother's Day

Oh, how I love Mother's Day. There is just something special about feeling like I am a part of this exclusive club... I have special friends and a cousin that I have shared every one of my Mother's Day's with. It makes me realize how special those other mothers are to me - how they have helped me through these past 16 years. I am so grateful for all of the other women in my life - my own mother, step-mom, aunts, sisters-in-law and my grandma's who have passed on.

It's always an outdoorsy day for us - going to the park, planting flowers, working in the garden. I can't say that I am waited on hand and foot, but the kids do try to make it special in their own ways (especially the little girls - they love making me lunch). The gifts are usually hand made, and just hearing them say "Happy Mother's Day" makes my heart sing. My days are so filled with busy-ness that I am looking forward to this Sunday when I know that I can leave everything alone for at least one day, and enjoy my family.