Saturday, May 8, 2010


Simply stated, unemployment sucks. There is nothing you can do, because you are at the mercy of all the employers out there in working land. You try not to get your hopes up, because more often than not they will be squished. People don't understand the pain, the anxiety, the instability - unemployment ranks up there with death when it comes to emotional trauma. I feel like I have to justify every penny spent yet there are always questions about that penny spent. Steve has put in HOURS/DAYS/MONTHS of searching and yet here we sit. Ready to lose it all.

Some people think we should just pack it up and move close or in with relatives. The problem with that is when we do leave it all behind, there will be nothing to look forward to. We can't get an apartment right now because we don't have the income. We can't declare bankruptcy because that will definitly forego our chances of employment. And if we do move somewhere, what happens if we do finally get a job and have to move again? That sounds like real stability to me.

I'm just trying to keep my head up and keep the faith...